Dry cleaning

Helping your clothes look their best

Having professionally cleaned clothing, event wear, and home accessories can make a massive difference to the longevity and appearance of your clothing and furnishings. Whether you are a family or a corporate operator, you can rely on Neweys for:

• Friendly services and professional staff
• Quick and convenient drive-thru drop off and pick-up
• Reliable, high-quality results

Why Neweys?
Neweys are proud to provide quality results, quickly. Our drive-thru service allows customers to pick up or drop off clothes at whichever agency is most convenient, all according to their own schedule. Neweys uses top of the range modern dry cleaning equipment, ensuring that your garments are cleaned to the best possible standard.

Professional, high-quality dry cleaning of:

• Wedding dresses and christening gowns
• Furs, suedes, and leathers
• Delicate garments
• Bulky household items
• Workwear/uniforms

Wedding dresses and christening gowns

We know how emotionally valuable event dresses and gowns can be, and take extra care to ensure they are processed delicately. As well as thoroughly cleaning your wedding dress, Neweys is able to offer a packaging service. The gown can be wrapped in acid free tissue paper, and, if you would like further protection, placed in a custom-made box for storage, keeping it protected and clean for years to come.

Furs, suedes, and leathers
Furs, suedes, and leathers are notoriously difficult to clean, so it’s important that they are processed by cleaning specialists. Cleaning your furs suedes and leathers also improves their longevity. At Neweys we take pride in cleaning your special items to ensure they look their best.

Delicate garments
Neweys’ experienced staff can dry clean everything from cashmere and wool to silks and chiffons. While these fabrics are susceptible to ripping, bobbling, and shrinking when washed at home, our high-quality machines and knowledgeable team have the skills to get your clothing looking their best.

Bulky household items
Not only are bulky items frustrating to clean, they often do not fit in household machines and require specialised dry cleaning. We clean a range of household items, saving you the difficulty of cleaning them and the high cost of the energy bill. If you’re unsure about whether a household item is washable, bring it in to find out!

Workwear and uniforms
Whether you need to look professional every day or have trouble getting your dirty work clothes clean, Neweys is the answer. Our dry cleaning service leaves your suits, shirts, and skirts looking fresh and clean, allowing you to feel confident each and every day. We can clean your greasy or dirty workwear to a high standard, protecting your home washing machine from grease damage and build-up.

Reliable, regional services
Delivery and pick-up is available for our regular commercial clients, including aged care facilities and medical centres.

We also work with a number of regional agencies to make our laundry service as convenient as possible.

Among our pick-up and drop-off locations are:

PARKES: Parkes Wash & Dry, 123 Clarinda St. Parkes.
FORBES: Lachlan Laundry Service, 19 Rankin St, Forbes.
COWRA: Relish Home & Living, Shop 9a/95-109 Kendal St, Cowra.
CANOWINDRA: Canowindra Tyre Service, 67 Rodd St, Canowindra.