Repairs & alterations

Clothes repair & alterations: new look, same clothes!

Transform your wardrobe today with our specialist clothes alterations and repair service. We give new life to unworn, unloved, or uncomfortable clothing, ensuring that you can wear them for many years to come. With over 30 years of experience in clothing alteration, ‘Mrs. Fix It’ is here to adjust and repair:

• Poorly fitting clothes
• Ripped or moth-eaten garments
• Items with missing buttons
• Workwear items, including suits, skirts, dresses, and shirts
• Outerwear items, such as coats and jackets
• Home furnishings, including curtains and sheets

The alteration experts you can rely on
Clothes alterations offer a number of benefits, extending the lifespan of a garment while also improving its fit and comfort. We know that it can be nerve-wracking to hand over sentimental or treasured garments, which is why we always work with care, compassion, and love, putting our all into each and every alteration job. Among our most popular services are:

• Zippers: replacement or removal
• Hems: shortening/lengthening
• Patching moth holes or rips
• Waist in/out
• Buttons: replacement or removal
• Jacket Cuffs: shortening/lengthening/tidying

Sustainability…without the price tag

Getting clothing alterations and repairs is a great way to practice true sustainability. Unlike fast-fashion, clothing alteration focuses on reuse and repair, and on the continued enjoyment of a single piece. Enjoy the confidence that comes with sustainable clothing; enquire about our alterations and repair service today.

Neweys is committed to sustainable clothing restoration, using high-quality threads and reusing fabric discards wherever possible. With drive-thru agencies across the region, we aim to make sustainable clothing practices accessible to the wider community, focusing on convenience, efficiency, and reliability. Our pick-up and drop-off locations are:

PARKES: Parkes Wash & Dry, 123 Clarinda St. Parkes.
FORBES: Lachlan Laundry Service, 19 Rankin St, Forbes.
COWRA: Relish Home & Living, Shop 9a/95-109 Kendal St, Cowra.
CANOWINDRA: Canowindra Tyre Service, 67 Rodd St, Canowindra.

The one that (didn’t) got away
Finding the perfect dress, suit, or jacket can be like falling in love. You can’t stop thinking about it, you envision a life together, and you’re hoping that it works out. It can be frustrating when something you love doesn’t fit, but luckily clothes are easier to alter than people. Don’t let that perfect outfit get away: contact Neweys’ alteration and repair services today to give that much-loved garment another chance.