Linen hire

Linen hire made simple

Elegant, fresh, and professionally cleaned, our linen offers customers a luxurious experience time and time again. Neweys is able to provide a range of high-quality linens according to each customer’s needs, including everything from tablecloths to bedding.

One-off linen hire for events, functions, or parties
Contract linen hire including cleaning, washing, pressing, and delivery
Commercial and household linen hire options

Don’t let linen hire, cleaning, and transportation get complicated.

Complete our Linen Hire Form to make a linen booking or call us on 6362 1814.

Taking the headache out of commercial laundry

We service a range of hospitality and event providers, ensuring each one of our clients receives their linen quickly, efficiently, and in pristine condition. With an established reputation for reliability, Neweys’ linen hire service helps to take the headache out of sourcing, owning, and washing large amounts of linen.

Regional and reliable. Our high-quality linen hire services include:

• Tablecloth hire
• Kitchen linen hire
• Napkin hire
• Bedroom linen hire
• Bathroom linen hire
• Linen pick-up, cleaning, and delivery

Quality linen for your accommodation

Cleaning and maintaining linen in a busy B&B, hotel, or motel, can be stressful. Not only does linen require significant resource management, but it also uses a lot of energy to clean and dry. Our linen hire services are:

Convenient – drive thru and delivery options available
Reliable – with over 30 years in the laundry business, we know how to get your laundry to you quickly, efficiently, and reliably
High-quality – all of our linens are cleaned and pressed to a high standard, according to each client’s specifications

From crisp white tablecloths to fluffy towels, we have all the linen you need to make your accommodation feel luxurious and homely. Arrange your linen hire with Neweys and enjoy the benefits of professional washing, ironing, and delivery!

We support customer safety and wellbeing

We offer our comprehensive linen hire and laundry service to a range of regional companies, supporting the local community as well as companies further afield. Every towel, tablecloth, and pillowcase contributes to customer satisfaction, so it’s important to get right.

All of our linen is professionally cleaned and expertly processed to ensure the wellbeing and safety of your patients or customers. Delivery and pick up is available for our regular clients.

Complete our Linen Hire Form to make a linen booking or call us on 6362 1814.