Garment restoration (Insurance)

Quality garment restoration in the Central West

Insurance events are devastating, and can upturn the livelihood, stability, and comfort of a household. Neweys supports families who have undergone serious insurance events, offering high-quality, accessible, and reliable garment restoration and repair.

Professional results at competitive prices. Neweys expertly restores your:
Bedding – doonas, sheets, and linens
Clothing – workwear, delicates, and outerwear
• Curtains and drapes
• Washable home furnishings

We regularly invest in modern cleaning equipment and machinery, allowing us to restore your items to their original beauty.

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Neweys has been serving the community for almost 50 years, and has the skills and experience to ensure the best outcome for your clients’ precious garments and furnishings. Depending on your location, we can offer quick and convenient garment collection and delivery, so that you can stay on top of tight restoration deadlines and help your client get back to normal life as soon as possible. A full quote can be provided prior to commencement of work.

Cost-effective restoration
Quality cleaning of clothing, bedding, doonas, towels, sheets, curtains, and more.
Reliable delivery service available for bulk items.
Fast turnaround according to requested customer deadlines

A value-driven approach

Kindness and respect are at the centre of our company’s values. We know how difficult going through an insurance event can be, and work hard to mitigate the impact that this has on those involved.

All of our garment restoration customers can expect a high level of customer service, and we always welcome alteration or repair requests if you would like to adjust your furnishings during the process of restoration. Working towards high cleaning and service standards, we are proud to provide excellent results, every time.

Types of damage

Insurance events can entail anything from home flooding to fires, and can cause significant damage to precious household items and fabrics.

Smoke damage: Smoke damage offers a challenge on multiple levels: oily soot, possible stains, and smoke odour need to be eliminated one step at a time to restore the garment to its original condition. With diverse team of seamstresses and launderers, we are able to thoroughly clean the garment as well as repair small holes and areas of damage.

Mould damage: Unlike other types of damage, mould damage can pose real risks to the owner’s health. Neweys have the machinery and expertise to thoroughly decontaminate any garments suffering from mould, so that they can be used again in comfort and confidence.

Water damage: As a drycleaning and laundry service specialist, we have a range of equipment suited to tackling water damage on clothes, curtains, and bedding.

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